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  • VB Distillery Ozolspēks - The Latvian twist on our oak flavoured vodka!


    Oak-flavoured vodka is a unique twist on the classic spirit. It's made by infusing vodka with oak, which imparts a rich flavour to the spirit. The oak flavour can vary depending on the ageing process used and the type of oak used, such as American or French oak. The result is a vodka that has a smooth and complex taste profile, with hints of vanilla, caramel, and sometimes even a touch of smokiness. Oak-flavoured vodka can be enjoyed on it's own over ice or used as a base for various cocktails. It pairs particularly well with flavours like apple, cranberry, or even citrus.





    Ozolspēks Flavoured Vodka

    • Distilled & Bottled at VB Distillery Ltd
      700ml Alcohol Units
      - 28   25ml - 1
      350ml Alcohol Units - 14  25ml - 1
      ABV - 40% Vol
      Alcohol Type - Spirit
      Storage - Ambient

    • Address
      19 Martins Wood, Chineham Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8TR

      Return Address
      Same as above

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