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  • Ah, Grape-infused vodka—that sounds delicious!


    An interesting twist on this classic spirit—created using selected botanicals and grapes, which impart a subtle sweetness and complexity, along with a delightful brandy flavour.


    Drink it neat, on the rocks, or give free rein to your imagination and craft signature cocktails using different ingredients, flavours, and garnishes. 


    It pairs particularly well with cranberry juice and a splash of lime, or Coke, 

    for a refreshing, fruity drink.


    The beauty of mixology is that you can let your creative juices flow.


    Prieka! to your grape-infused, brandy-flavour vodka adventures.



    A maximum of 80 bottles are distilled per month.

    Will one be yours?

    Brandvins Grape Infused Vodka

    • Distilled & Bottled at VB Distillery Ltd

      700ml Alcohol Units - 28   25ml - 1
      350ml Alcohol Units - 14  25ml - 1
      ABV - 40% Vol
      Alcohol Type - Spirit
      Storage - Ambient

    • 19 Martins Wood, Chineham Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8TR

      Return Address
      As above

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